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BKB Artist Residency Connie Sun | Cartoons for the Holidays

Check out the third and fourth cartoon in Connie Sun’s series for our Artist Residency program – “Awkward Animal Gatherings” and “Winter Sport”.

Here’s a solution for the awkward encounters that come hand in hand with the the holiday season… climb it out.


And for when you’ve eaten too much, you could try butt climbing:

drawing-bkb-polar-bear-butt-climbing-w800If you have cartoon ideas, animal suggestions, or stories about BKB friendships, find me @cartoonconnie on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook, or say hi in person!

Connie Sun is an NYC cartoonist who works in higher education and draws an illustrated status message a day (Mon-Fri) on . Her cartoons also appear in , , and .
To learn more about our Artist Residency Program, check it out here.


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