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Second Place Ain’t Nothing to Scoff At

I never imagined I would be a rock climber. I never imagined the summer after law school would be fun. And I never for a second thought I could grow enough to place in a national competition, but it happened!

The Boys of BKBeastmode

We saw grit. We saw gumption. And we even saw a broken nose. But all this aside, it became evident the BKB community has grown to standards and expectations that shouldn’t, and can’t, be capped.

Learn Some Skills, Save Some Bills

Let’s get you the gear you need to perform. From now until August 20, Brooklyn Boulders is offering a 30% discount on one gear purchase with a paid class enrollment. Gear includes chalk, chalk bags, chalk brushes, harnesses, and select apparel.

Take advantage of the promo by signing up for Intro to Climbing, Learn the Ropes, Learn to Lead, Level Up, and/or BKBX now.

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