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Learn to Climb: Progress, Slowly but Surely


My New Year’s resolution this year is to focus more on progress and accomplishments I’ve made rather than immediately worrying about what I should be doing next. So here goes! I’m now completing V1s successfully, several routes a visit. Given my progress I feel confident I will be completing V2s by the end of January.

Part of diving into indoor rock climbing is getting over the nervousness of climbing in front of other climbers as a newbie. As you might imagine, the best way to get over this insecurity is just jumping in and successfully completing routes which will build your confidence.  A few weeks of going to the gym and bouldering around ought to do the trick.

And as a beginning climber after pulling muscles on two different visits to the gym which kept me away from the gym for a week or more each time, I’ve finally learned the value of stretching!

Brooklyn Boulders Yoga Instructor Jocelyn O’Shea

Brooklyn Boulders offers yoga classes, and I highly recommend new climbers add some element of yoga or stretching as they grow as a rock climber.  Yoga teacher Benita Hussain Matador Sports suggests these There are also simple stretches to do before, during and after climbing such as these .

At this point I could definitely benefit from spending time working on technique by practicing on some of the longer traversing V0+s before completing some V1s during my regular visits. By spending a few weeks doing this I’m hoping V2s won’t be far behind!

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