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Like to Boulder in Denim? Meet Boulder Denim & Co-Founder Bradley Spence

If you’ve been to any Brooklyn Boulders as a newbie and thought to yourself – “Why do people climb in jeans?” — you aren’t alone. New to the climbing scene Boulder Denim provides endless answers as to why.

We catch up with Bradley Spence, a 27 year old entrepreneur from Vancouver, BC who has spent the past year developing jeans you can climb in with his life long friend & business partner Taz Barrett. He’s the co-founder of Boulder Denim,

Interested in snagging a pair? 


What were your favorite pair of jeans to climb in before Boulder Denim?
I didn’t. I actually never wore jeans until we created ours. I found jeans very restrictive and uncomfortable even as an every day pant. Before launching Boulder Denim, you would find me climbing in joggers, sweats, and yoga pants. While developing our jeans, I would test some competitor’s stretchy denim but found they lost their shape and got loose/baggy really quickly.



If you could see any climber/biker/yogi rock Boulder Denim, who would it be?
It would be amazing to see Alex Honnold free soloing in our jeans. He’s really the first climber who got me stoked on climbing. But if I’m allowed to pick more than one, I would also love to see Vancouver-local Sean McColl and the rapidly-rising Ashima Shiraishi rock our denim on the wall.



Would you climb with a beanie on and no shirt (very popular style of bouldering in Brooklyn, including denim)?
I always climb with a beanie anyways and if I could climb without a shirt in my local gym without people looking at me funny, I would all the time. I don’t think you’re even allowed to at some of the gyms here in Canada.


Do you imagine wearing Boulder Denim for every day the rest of your life?
Since we made our first samples, I literally haven’t worn anything else. I live in them. So yes, I probably won’t ever wear anything other than Boulder Denim unless I’m going to a black-tie event or something of course.


Biggest dream for Boulder Denim?

We really want to get into REI and MEC. We’re also hoping to represent some of the biggest names in climbing as we build our sponsored athletes up. We’ve got some amazing young talent that we think we could see at the top of the podium in some big comps but we would also love to represent some big names like Sean McColl, Ashima Shirashi, Adam Ondra, Chris Sharma, and Tommy Caldwell. We know they already have some big sponsors, but we’re allowed to dream big, right?


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