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VIDEO: What is Adaptive Climbing?

Watch this video and learn about how badass adaptive climbers are. Become a part of the adaptive climbing community today: volunteer, or donate to HELP US SEND ACG to this season’s national competition!

Adaptive Climbing has been a huge part of Brooklyn Boulders climbing + community. A successfully growing community working with Brooklyn Boulders Foundation, Adaptive Climbing hosts climbing clinics and meet-ups to introduce people to the sport or help each other train for Adaptive Climbing Nationals. From top-roping to bouldering, Kareemah, the creator, founder, and ACG champion, isn’t afraid to push people to push their potential. She’s worked patiently with instructors and climbers of all experiences to help them acclimate to the sport– because acclimating to the community isn’t a problem at all.

You’ve seen Adam, Peter, Donald, or Kareemah around– they’re definitely not shy. You may have attended the strong climb competition, or congratulated them on this past summer’s national competition. They’ve probably given you some beta before.

Become a part of the adaptive climbing community today:, or donate to to this season’s national competition!

Thanks to BKB member Valerie Schenkman: a Chilean American artist interested in storytelling and ontology. She is currently pursuing a masters in screenwriting at Columbia University.

When she first came to Brooklyn Boulders in 2015, she approached us about collaborating on a film together. Valerie loved working with ACG. She spent time with Kareemah and the members of the ACG community for a few months – the result is a short documentary that explores what adaptive climbing entail, told through the perspective of members at our Brooklyn location.

Special thanks to BKB member Michael Wideberg for co-creating on the music for this piece!

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