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Personal Training FAQs


Does personal training at BKB make sense for me?

Having a personal trainer  who understands the way your body works and know how to help you achieve goals can have a huge impact on your overall performance, climbing or otherwise. BKB Personal Trainers, unlike conventional trainers, incorporate traditional fitness practices along with climbing, yoga, and lifestyle activities. In this way, PT at BKB is changing the game.

The result: you will learn more about yourself, your goals, and your fitness levels. No two bodies are alike, and our Personal Trainers understand that and will create a custom program to meet your needs.

But I’m a Climber. Please Explain.

Personal Training at Brooklyn Boulders makes sense for both the climber and non-climber.

It’s true that you can get fit from climbing, and you can get fit from working out. However, the best way to prevent injury, create balance in your body and see results is by incorporating different modes of fitness – including vertical climbing training – into your standard regimen.

You’ll be able to exercise mental wellness, fitness, and overall agility in unprecedented way which translates real results when you return to the rock wall or weight room.

How Can I Learn More?

Sign up for a complimentary 60-minute Personal Training consultation, with no additional commitment. Our goal is that you walk away enlightened and motivated, whether you decide to continue with personal training or not.

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