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2015 Brooklyn Beatdown Winners!

Check out the winners & results of our second annual Brooklyn Beatdown climbing competition!

We had a brave collection of wall warriors who were pushed into the spotlight at this year’s Brooklyn Beatdown! Click here to see all of our photos on Facebook – & tag yourselves!

For USAC/ YOUTH ABS results, click here. Everyone who competed was a champion, but here are the champions who placed for the open climbing competition:


First Name Last Name Score
1st Place Keyana Sequeira 1460
2nd Place Melissa Wolfe 1325
3rd Place Susan Li 1265
1st Place Corey Kulcu-Roca 1475
2nd Place Jonathan Chung 1365
3rd Place Manu Thompson 1075


First Name Last Name Score
1st Place Alyssa Huebner 1975
2nd Place Naomi Asselin 1930
3rd Place Cheryl Byron 1735
1st Place Sean Hansen 2120
2nd Place Drew Jones 2120
3rd Place Victor Lambert 2070


First Name Last Name Score
1st Place Alison Koch 2415
2nd Place Valerie Shao 2405
3rd Place Laura Clevenger 2350
1st Place Alan Carroll 2905
2nd Place Hongyu Zhao 2905
3rd Place Ilan Abikhzir 2890


First Name Last Name Score
1st Place Michelle Watt 3420
2nd Place Elly Czajkowski 3085
3rd Place Rebecca Vincent 2960
1st Place Ryosuke Ueyama 4170
2nd Place Brandon Quinn 4140
3rd Place Kei Yeung 4140


First Name Last Name Score
1st Place Ashima Shiraishi 5200
2nd Place Georgia Bank 4030
3rd Place Laura Hechtlinger 3455
1st Place Sam G 5020
2nd Place Alex Pearlstein 4685
3rd Place Robert Loeser 4485

For a complete list of scores, view this spreadsheet. 

For FAQs or information on scoring, click here. 

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