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For friends, company outings, celebrations, and more, private events are the ultimate way to explore the world of Brooklyn Boulders. Guests will receive a specialized tour of our facility, be guided through all the basics of bouldering, receive auto-belay certification, and get on the ropes with private belay staff.

Options include party room rental for presentations and catering, private yoga instruction, bootcamps, and meditation guides.  Guests have access to facility and all amenities including showers, fitness area, and co-working spaces.  Event staff included to help you set up your event.

To get started on your private event, please complete the form below.

Brooklyn Boulders Gowanus is our flagship rock climbing facility and dynamic creative community in Brooklyn, established in 2009. We are an eclectic mix of lifestyles, born and bred from the unique and multifaceted forces of NYC.

With 22,000 square feet of space, we dedicate ourselves to providing a fun and challenging fitness experience for people of all ages and experience levels. #bkblove

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