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We offer a full range of group exercise disciplines from yoga to bootcamps, parkour and personal training. Each of our facilities has a variety of strength training and cardio equipment, with a schedule of group exercise, special workshops, fitness-focused events and competitions.

Group Exercise classes are included with a Day Pass and Membership. Members get additional discounts on Climbing Classes. Group Exercise classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted. Please arrive early to find a space in class. Yoga mats are available for rent at the front desk.

Acro Yoga

Acro Yoga, the fusion of acrobatics and the healing arts, is a great way to break down the elements of both and make them much more fun and accessible. In this class, we place an emphasis on learning solid technique as well as playfulness, trust and connection. Come on your own, with a partner, or bring friends – the more the merrier. All we ask is that you keep an open mind, a courageous heart and a willingness to trust others to support you in reaching to your potential.


A system of physical discipline and movement treated as a martial art and dance form that originates from Brazil.
This class welcomes those new to Capoeria and offers a chance to refine the foundations for experienced practioners. Class begins with a fluid warm up and progresses into learning skills.


Some experience with Capoeira is useful for this class. Building on the foundations from Basics, students will be guided in songs and games as well as practice matches with fellow participants.

Intro to Climbing

Progress through ongoing coaching! Intro to Climbing provides you with ongoing access to our most experienced coaching staff and instructors, who will help you achieve your climbing goals. During each session, we’ll take you through a full warm up, then a series of drills, exercises and workouts to improve your climbing skills and fitness. As you continue to participate in Sessions, our coaches will develop a clear sense of your strengths and weaknesses, so that they can adjust the content of each session to suit your personal climbing needs and goals.

Learn the Ropes

An introduction to top-roping. Learn the Ropes is our most popular class and a great introduction for climbers looking to gain basic knowledge and skills. The class teaches each student how to fit a harness, tie basic knots, and manage the ropes for another climber while they climb. You’ll leave with all the necessary skills to pass our top rope belay certification check.

Included in the Class: Two hours of instruction in Learn The Ropes Day pass and gear for both days of the class ($78 value) included in non-member purchase You must be at least 14 years old to participate in this class.

Learn to Lead

2 Classes, 3 Hours Per Class. Learn to Lead is a comprehensive and in-depth course on lead climbing for those looking to increase their knowledge and refine their skills. All required gear is provided for this class. You’ll Learn, lead belaying and lead climbing skills and techniques, rope handling, risk management and falling.

*For Learn to Lead classes please inquire at the front desk for the next available class.

Level Up: V2-V4

You may know how to climb, but are you mastering your practice? This class is designed for intermediate to experienced climbers who want to deepen their knowledge and improve their technique. Ramp up the learning curve, harness precision, gain greater control and dive into training theories that will advance your body and mind.

Climber Core

Geared specifically to the training needs of the serious climber or anyone looking to develop a monster core, this intense class strengthens the spine, abs, quads and back for better body tone, balance and performance. Using anti-rotation and twist exercises from pilates and yoga, static hold exercises from competitive sports, core techniques from acrobatics and a wide range of circuit training exercises, this class will give you the tools to climb stronger, last longer and reduce your chance of injury.

Climber Tuneup

Specifically designed for climbers, Climber TuneUp is a class that uses myofascial release to keep soft tissue supple and functional. Have you ever used foam rollers to work out a knot? This is similar but better! Therapy Balls help target a specific area and give a whole new world of specificity. No experience needed. Get ready to discover spots on your body that you didn’t even know and walk away feeling refreshed.

Grip + Finger Strength

This class covers the basic knowledge needed to start building solid workouts related to grip and finger strength, along with knowledge of how to minimize (NOT remove) the risks of injury due to overtraining or mis-training.

Basics Vinyasa

Solidify the foundations of your yoga postures with this slower-paced flow. Come to develop healthy joint movement, build flexibility and strengthen your body 3-dimensionally. This class is designed for individuals who are new to yoga as well as seasoned practitioners craving a better grasp of the fundamentals. As each body is different, various modifications for poses will be given so that you can craft your experience to be challenging but accessible.

Intermediate Vinyasa

Deepen your understanding of what yoga – unity of body and mind – means to you. For this ashtanga-inspired class, basic familiarity with yoga or other forms of mindful movement is helpful, although not required. We will play with faster movement, more complex shapes, and build toward graceful and athletic movement with the breath. Expect sweat, good music and full- body integration.

Restorative Yoga

Let this gentle, soothing yoga practice calm your body and mind. We’ll hold each pose for up to ten minutes using the full support of blankets, bolsters and blocks. This extended time will help your body release deeply stored tension and stress while dim lights and soft music helps you enter a blissful state of restoration. Expect to leave feeling nourished, grounded and with a new clarity for life. This class is open to all, no yoga experience necessary.

Sunrise Yoga

Wake up with the sun and invigorate your mind, body and soul. This all-level vinyasa flow class is designed to awaken, energize and align the body while calming the mind and creating a peaceful center. We will focus on the breath as we flow through some classic sun salutations and vinyasa sequences, gradually leading up to a more intermediate flow. Expect to leave class feeling energized, centered and ready to start your day!

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