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Instructor Spotlight: Kirsten Lefeldt

See how BKB Chicago instructor Kirsten Lefeldt embodies one of our core values, “Be Relentless.” From adventure triathlons to Ninja Warrior training, Kirsten keeps fitness fun while continuing to push the limits.

Woman on a paddleboard in a lake/river

At Brooklyn Boulders, we want to inspire you Be Relentless. Whether it’s in your fitness/climbing training, pursuit of educational goals, learning new skills, or simply finding ways to better love yourself — we want to encourage a tenacity to keep moving forward and making positive change.

This month, we’re highlighting and celebrating one of our instructors who does just that.

Meet Kirsten Lefeldt

“Get after it. Life isn’t going to live itself.”

Kirsten grew up in Northern Germany right in between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. She always had a love for the outdoors and a natural curiosity for adventure and exploring. Over the years this developed into a passion for fitness and sports that are a bit… off the beaten path. Naturally, that’s how she approaches training with her clients. Her mantra? Find what excites you and keep it fun. Never put limits on what you can do. No matter your age or exercise history, get your mind right and the rest will follow.

Stand-Up Paddleboard Racer + Ninja Warrior

Aside from Kirsten’s (which is always a top priority), a year ago she got hooked on Ninja Warrior Obstacle training. She says that this sport provided many opportunities for her to overcome fears and perceived personal limits. At the age of 41, Kirsten feels stronger than ever.  Her goal isn’t just to stay healthy, but to keep pushing and find out what else is possible.

A Different Kind of Climbing…

Kirsten had a unique introduction to climbing in that she didn’t necessarily begin as a “rock” climber. In another life while working as Construction Inspector, Kirsten worked on the construction of Glacier Skywalk, a cantilever glass bridge over a canyon in Jasper National Park. She also frequently climbed water towers and buildings to do inspections.

Photo by Ryan Barayuga

Adventure Triathlons and Gold Medals

On March 30, Kirsten won the female division of the in Frankfort, Kentucky. The event had people from over ten states in attendance. All took on the 3.7-mile run, 6-mile mountain bike ride, and 5-mile Stand-up Paddle on the Kentucky River.

Kirsten completed the course in 2 hours and 4 minutes, which gave her an entire 2 minute lead on the the next competitor! Although Kirsten is a 5-year veteran of Stand-up Paddleboard racing (with plenty other podium finishes), this was her first time attempting an Adventure Triathlon.

Train with Kirsten

Book a Climbing or Fitness Consultation with her or drop in on Wednesday morning bootcamp (7-8am) and/or Wednesday Ab Blast at 12:30pm!

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